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Impact Drive and VIA CIVIC Association are looking for partners interested and active in the field of social entrepreneurship (social economy), either running or intend to run social enterprises or developing and proposing different social services for vulnerable youths directed toward their education and professional qualification, working with and supporting the youth equality and inclusion in the local economy.

The project will be within Call 2020, Round 3, KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals and will include:

  • online discussions and sessions for self-preparation

  • 6 days training course in Bulgaria in May 2021

PROFILE OF THE PARTICIPANTS: Youth workers, entrepreneurs, trainers, leaders and active team members.

If you’d like to join, please send to:

Subject: SODIVERS: NOT LATER THAN 17.09.2020

  1. Your PIF with updated info;

  2. Short paragraph why this topic is important to your NGO and what are your needs and expectations from the training. How will you use the competences developed?

  3. What are the target groups you work with? What kind of support they need that is related to the project topic and how you provide it to them?

  4. Let us know what is the experience of your NGO with social entrepreneurship and D&I?

  5. If there is a team member having expertise on the topic and willing to participate in the training activities we will be glad if you send a professional CV and brief of the training modules she or he would like to lead.

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